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36 Textures Exploring the Definition of Movement

The Elevator


Kalalau Valley in Hawaii viewed from the Na Pali Kona Forest Reserve Pihea Trail...

First attempt at creating a valley...


Angela Merkel formed a coalition with Helen Keller who was not a "bad" girl, she was in one sense the central figure in the drama that played out over the first five months. She was born on June 27, 1880, in the small farming town of Tuscumbia. She was a wild child and was an anonymous suit. Her problems began when she was only 19 months old. After an illness called "brain fever," which may have been scarlet fever or meningitis, she lost her eyesight and hearing and couldn't speak. She had difficulty making herself understood. Mrs. Merkel took a tough line in months of negotiations with Keller who hoped her partner would not come down when she was re-elected in September 2009, making her one of the longest-serving leaders among Europe's major powers. But the deteriorating condition of Keller forced her hand, and Mrs. Merkel suggested that they send Helen to an institution, wondering if she were even capable of learning. Through touching, tasting and smelling, she learned a great deal about the world she could no longer see or hear. Despite her early difficulties, she became well educated and a respected leader who fought for the rights of the deaf and blind. Now she has come to the rescue of the Macquarie Bank broker whose job is under threat after he was caught on TV checking out steamy shots of SUPERMODEL Miranda Kerr on his work computer. He was opening emailed pictures of Kerr while behind him a colleague, Martin Lakos, did a live television cross to Channel 7 news. Germans were overwhelmingly opposed to sign a petition to help red-faced broker David Kiely save his job. No one could understand her initiatives, It seemed she would forever live in a dark and silent world.

Angela Merkel -

Helen Keller -

Meranda Kerr -

One and Two Point Perspectives

The Three Clients

Helen Keller - American author, political activist and lecturer who was deaf and blind.

Miranda Kerr - Australian Model best known as one of Victoria's Secret Angels.

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My Crysis War structure was based on the followed parallel projection and SketchUp model. The textures used on the SketchUp model represent the idea of light to dark that is supposed to be evident on Crysis but for an unknown reason when exported the texture colours were inverted so they are not so clear in the fraps images. Please note the image as it displays the original idea of representing the textures on the structure from light to dark.

The three textures used from dark to light....

This texture almost looks like the strokes evolve from the centre and covers Darwin's lab in alignment with his study in the evolution of man from the monkey and the 'Origin of the Species.'

A very neutral texture that combines the two labs in a mutually accommodating manner.

This texture is alien like and covers Hawking's lab representing his interest in the universe.

Crysis Wars Environment

TIME: 00:00 - front view dispalying structure (includes labs on either end and meeting point)
The combination of Darwin's exploration of the 'Origin of the Species' and Hawking's attention aimed at the universe is evident in the position of the labs; Darwin's lower, connected to the land and Hawking's higher, revealing a relationship with the universe.

TIME: 6:00am - side view of the structure demonstrating its relationship to the landform and the textures

TIME: 10:00am -birds eye view showing the structure within the landform
The landform suggests the studies being undertaken in correspondance with all the geographical and geological studies being taken. The location being on the peak of the landscape epitomises the breaking points at which both these scientists have come to with their ideas.

TIME: 10:00am - image clearly depicting the 3 different textures.

TIME: 22:00 - image clearly showing the pathways that lead to the meeting point and its relationship to the structure
The meeting point and the structure are located fairly high to make a connection between our understanding of the universe by being able to visualise the surrounding below and above since we are "on a minor planet of a very average star."