Sunday, March 28, 2010

Embedded YouTube Clip

In relation to the above ground level that is based on the word clinical, this music video depicts the main elements of the movie "Men In Black". The scene is futuristic, hi tech and void of natural elements. The environment is sterile, scientific and regimented. As seen in the clip, this setting is conducive to the production of alien life-forms. This video is further aligned to the artist studio as it is a basis for Patricia Piccini's work "The Long Awaited" which depicts the creation of an alien like figure in contrast to a little boy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Draft SketchUp 2

Second attempt at SketchUp using new section and including the stair
Above: clinical - materials: glass features with white walls
Below: fresh - materials: vegetation (the idea of something being alive/organic -> fresh)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Stair

Stair designs for original section on SketchUp...

Above stair: clinical

Below stair: stock

Stair designs when looking at another section to create on SketchUp...

Above stair: clinical

Below stair: fresh

Draft SketchUp 1

First attempt at SketchUp
Above: Clinical - materials: wood, tiles, metal and cladding
Below: Stock - materials: stone

Saturday, March 13, 2010

18 Sections

Above artist: Patricia Piccini
Below Artist: Ricky Swallow

Top left - Above: clinical. Below: fresh
Bottom left - Above: clinical. Below: produce
Top right - Above: clinical. Below: stock
Bottom right - Above: dreaming. Below: fresh

Top left - Above: dreaming. Below: produce
Bottom left - Above: dreaming. Below: stock
Top right - Above: alien. Below: fresh
Bottom right - Above: alien. Below: produce

Above: alien. Below: stock
Artist above: Ricky Swallow
Artist below: Patricia Piccini

Top left - Above: fresh. Below: clinical
Bottom left - Above: fresh. Below: dreaming
Top right - Above: fresh. Below: alien
Bottom right - Above: produce. Below: clinical

Top left - Above: produce. Below: dreaming
Bottom left - Above: produce. Below: alien
Top right - Above: stock. Below: clinical
Bottom right - Above: stock Below: dreaming

Above: stock. Below: alien

Monday, March 8, 2010

Three Pictures

My HSC art work 2008


It is said that at the end of the rainbow lies a pot of gold, filled with coins. At the start of the newly founded Rainbow Nation, a term proclaimed by Desmond Tutu and later elaborated upon by Nelson Mandela after the Apartheid years, lay something similar, but this time the people said, Keep your Coins, We want Change…. and the wish upon a rainbow came true. In a country where the road to freedom was non existent for black people, my road represents the path of hope, from the power of one to the power of all. My use of mixed media has enabled me to create a work that embodies an exploration of my experiences of living in South Africa, with bright colours alluding to the ambiguous future and the collage as a representation of the fragmentation of history. On the two way road where whites and blacks were living in separate worlds, step into my Kombi as we travel on the road to freedom.


La Sagrada Familia - Antoni Goudi

“The architect dedicated 43 years, almost his entire career, to his most prestigious and complex project”

However on his sudden death in 1926 only certain aspects of this architectural masterpiece had been completed. What is interesting is the unfinished nature that this masterpiece was left in, with question of whether another architect could invisage the finished temple that Goudi desired. It was left to a stand still and only after three decades of being held up, has the building of this Temple resumed, to finish what is considered a masterpiece of universal art. Goudi had intended to create a temple with many aspects related to Christianity, in order to convert this into the perfect temple. This is a great piece of architecture because of the constructive elements that were supported by revolutionary resources for example funicular arches, leaning columns and hyperbolic vaults. However beyond these elements it is filled with symbolism as the tower is conceived as a stone bible that explains history and is a link it to the faith. This is evident as certain architectural aspects represent various Christian figures and moments in Christ’s life.

Regas, R; Giordano, C; Palmisano, N. 2009. Visual guide to the complete work of Antoni Gaudi. Dos De Arte Ediciones. Barcelona


Photo taken by myself in New Zealand 2008

Nature is beautiful because of the natural elements that were never created nor established by mankind. The beautiful sounds of flowing water that leads to peace and tranquility are captivated in this image adding an aural element of beauty as well as a visual one. This still life image is a fragment of a scene of rugged nature frozen in time. It provokes an emotion of wellbeing that leaves the senses in awe of its reality.

The 3 Artists

Patricia Piccini “The Long Awaited”

Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, leather, plywood, clothing. 152x80x92cm

alien, dreaming, clinical


Ricky Swallow "Killing Time"

Jelutong, Maple Bracing, 2003-4
108 x 184 x 118 cm
photo: Karl Schwerdtfeger

stock, produce, fresh


Richard Goodwin "Procession"

(fountain), Parramatta 1986, located in the central mall area of the city of Parramatta

search, moving, refreshing