Sunday, October 17, 2010

ARCH1142 Communication Re(presenting) Workshop

I really enjoying this workshop as it allowed me to expolre architecture as a space in an abstract manner. My partner and I explored the idea of fragments within a space as we identified this in the Law building of UNSW. We presented this through an interactive object that allowed space to be transformed through fragmented pieces that moved according to the interaction of the audience. My other workshops were useful in developing this project in terms of the drawing the shadows the space represented and deciding appropriate materials to work with.


Shadow Drawings

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ARCH1142 Communications Experimental Material Modelling Workshop 2

Week One Automatic Exploration (paper)
Words (in order of pictures) machinic, dream, confinement
Week Two Text and Form Entwined (white mount board)
Text: 'The Fold'
Architect: Daniel Libeskind 'Jewish Museum of Berlin'

Week Three Body, Space, City (poster and boxboard)Martin Place; 08-09-10; 11:00am
Exiting the train station at Martin Place I experienced the void that was filled with shadows and movement created by the surrounding buildings that formed an overcast effect on this space. The deception of void where emptiness was exchanged with the rush of happenings that appeared before me immediately activated my senses. At 11am on the 8th of September Martin Place proved to be a place for social happenings, businesses, shops, banks, coffee shops, newspaper stands and performances carrying through waves of people whether they be children, adults, business people, the homeless, people walking or people on bikes. My experience of the city centre involved recording a walk down the famous strip of Martin Place and documenting the various activities that were occurring, the people that passed me and the existing structures that surrounded me. My first steps carried me outside the train station as I was welcomed with a gush of fresh air and light breeze. The strip was quiet with little human traffic; one man on his phone, another in a suit rushing off. As a strolled down the strip I noticed the tall buildings that surrounded the space in contrast to the void that I was in. Across the road I went as I waited for the little man to turn green signifying it was safe for me to walk. As I continued to stroll down the road many people passed me, as well as a man on a bicycle. In the performance space was there was NSW Public School Event "Leading the Way" where primary school children were dancing and the public, including myself could sit and enjoy the performance. Past this space a water fountain became a significant feature that blocked out all surrounding sounds as though you were separated from your experience of having just walked down Martin Place.

Week Four Extension of Difference (poster and balsa)
In my poster I have revealed the chaotic nature of the city from my experience of the task 'Body, Space, City,' through a repetition of an abstraction of the city skyline, which further relates to my experience of this course and architecture as a whole. The jagged, unsymmetrical and random cuts identify chaos with the repetition of shapes alluding to various hurdles. Each level is slightly raised higher than the last revealing the uncertainty of one's experience within the vibe of the city and the discoveries and surprises that lie ahead of you. Similarly, the all-pervasive nature of architecture tends to dissolve any semblance of order or distinction within one’s life. One cannot escape the analysis of architecture in daily life or plan when inspiration will hit or designs will flow freely. There is no absolute or definite in architecture with undefined right and wrong and a mix between working within convention and breaking boundaries. The bustling chaotic city is both reflected and defined by the frenzied process through which architecture is created. Furthermore for me this course has allowed me to explore many materials in model making which were unfamiliar to me before. Since this has been a significant role in teaching me how to use each I have represented the process of materials in each layer to reflect what I have gained from this course.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ARCH1142 Communications Drawing Workshop 1

This workshop proved to be very useful in terms of developing my drawing skills and learning about line weights and heirarchies, page setups and understanding lans sections and elevations. I could have improved by developing some of the drawing further and improving my page setup.

Exercise 1: The Tea Cup

Exercise 2: Plan and Section of classroon 228 in the Old Main Building
Exercise 3: Perspective Drawing

Exercise 4: Rose Seidler House Drawing in Perspective

The Rose Seidler House (plans, sections, elevations, 3D images):

Monday, June 14, 2010

Keys for Elevators

Miranda Kerr's Elevator

down: N
up: S

Helen Keller's Elevator (in order)

1. lift railings: x
2. bring in stairs (top): l
3. down: c
4. open stairs (bottom): q
5. bring in stairs (bottom): p
6. up: j
7. open stairs (top): o
8. bring down railings: y

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Objects folder:

Levels folder:

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Image Captures and Architecture

Context of images:7am
The Power of a New Day

The Bridge

The bridge is a very neutral structure that connects the contrasting ideas and revelation of power of the two clients. The structure is supported by its ends and acted on its own weight. The power to support itself represents the power of these two women. The lack of support in terms of railing (which is furthered in the elevators) assists with the powerful trait of overcoming obstacles. The clients are self supported due to their power and are in control of their own destiny, hence they do not need any external support. The idea of movement can be seen in the textures as they flow from one to the next.

Miranda Kerr's Office

Miranda Kerr's space is represented by curved shapes that symbolize the smooth path that has led to her power. Her office is very open in contrast to Keller's representing her power based on outward appearance. Furthermore she practices Buddhism and as part of these beliefs chants every morning and evening, practises yoga, meditates and reads about spirituality. These open spaces allow for such practises as the natural environment brings peace and harmony. The different levels that act as walls to her office depict the stages of portraying her power; hair, makeup, lights, camera, action. The path to her office is lined with what looks like spotlights, a metaphor for the her constant public evaluation in the limelight.

Helen Keller's Office

The bridge forms into Helen Keller's office using lines and squares creating boxed objects and corners. As a dominant feature of these shapes it represents the barriers of Keller's life and the struggle to overcome them yet still manage to achieve the power she has today. The steps further this as the stepping stones to her accomplishments. Furthermore her power provides an inspiration and is based on internal success hence an indoor office space closed off from surrounding distractions. A simple desk fills the space for Keller to portray her intellectual capacities through writing and political activities, further revealing her power.

The Elevators

Miranda Kerr's lift represents her power based on her appearance and model career. This is done in a way that the lift exposes her and portrays the beautiful figure she is to the surroundings as a public image. The spotlight that follows her parraells this idea. In contrast Helen Keller's lift is defined by various blocks representing the ups and downs of her power and the struggle to achieve it. The wall surrounding the elevator encloses the space to reveal her personal quest for power and inspiration she is.

The Table

The table becomes a combination of the shapes representing Helen Keller and Miranda Kerr since it is their meeting spot. It includes the boxed objects of Keller's path to power and the boundaries she has had to overcome as well as curved and circular shapes revealing the smooth path of Kerr's power. These two shapes, which are identified separately in their offices, now merge together to create a common meeting space for the two clients. The location of the table places the clients within the powerful surrounding of nature as the enourmous mountains enclose them.

Close Up Perspectives

Miranda Kerr's office
Inside Helen Keller's Office

Miranda Kerr's Elevator
Helen Keller's Elevator